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RMR-600 Photochemical Reactor

The RMR-600 model is a versatile, efficient, easy-to-use photochemical reactor. Ideal for applications where instrument simplicity and reliability are of prime importance, and cost effectiveness is a determining factor. This reactor makes a perfect teaching system; it comes complete in a "Ready to Use" package, with no assembly required.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: The "Mini" reactor is supplied with eight 2537 A° light sources, one 1/2" built-in support rod and a cooling fan. Normal operating temperature is 37°C. Low cost lamps provide long running life (approximately 3000 hours). The reactor's power consumption is about one amperes @ 110/1 20 volts, 50/60 Hz, A.C. Reactor will operate for overseas operation (220/240v power grid - please be sure to request this in the notes of your quote request). Simple to operate, the reactor is controlled by four lamp switches, located on the top panel.

Three Interchangeable Light Sources:

SPECIFICATIONS: The RMR-600 is 11" in square and 10.5" high. The chamber is manufactured from Alzak aluminum and is 9" deep x 7" diameter. The reactor comes supplied with (8) 6 watt lamps, with an arc length of 3" each (32 lamp watts total). The top opening is 5" diameter; weight 10 lbs. Finished in durable baked enamel, with a one year guarantee.

Designed for the photolysis of
Baldheads Heterocyclic Compounds
Ketenes Aromatic Nuclei
Halogen Derivative Conjugated Dynes
Thio Compounds Polynes
Olefins Epoxides


A photochemical system for the limited budget. High-performance, small size and low price makes it ideal for both undergraduate and graduate studies.