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Merry Go-Round 400

The RMA-400 Merry Go-Round unit is designed for use with all Rayonet© Photochemical and Mini Reactor models.


EQUAL RADIATION - The RMA-400 is designed to insure equal radiation of all samples, regardless of lamp position or intensity fluxuations. All samples are rotated past the light source at a speed of 5 RPM.

MULTIPLE SAMPLE CAPACITY - Up to eight samples can be irritated at one time. Reaction vessels up to 11/16" in diameter can be used.

RELATIVE QUANTUM YIELDS - Several samples can be irritated together for the determination of Relative Yields.

VERSATILE - Constant rotation speed of 5 RPM. Sample wheels will accommodate reaction vessels from 3" to 11" long. Vessels up to 11/16" in diameter can be used. Quartz and Pyrex reaction vessels are available as optional equipment.

This takes advantage of the high intensity of the 2537A°, 3000A°, and 3500A° light sources. All samples obtain the same intensity. Different samples can be photolysis at the same time.


Model RMA-400 is 17" high, and 4 and 5/8" in diameter.

Finish is anodized aluminum.

It operates on 110/120v A.C. ONLY and 50/60Hz current.

FOR OUR 220/240v CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to operate either this RMA-400 or the RMA-500 by your resident 220/240v power grid, you must power the RMA through a SDT-500 or you will destroy the motor on your RMA and void your warranty. As always, if you have a questions, please reach out via the contact us page.